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Da ich russisch und deutsch perfekt beherrsche (fließend in Wort und Schrift), könnt ihr mich gern anschreiben.

Ihr müsst nur sagen, dass ihr aus dieser Gruppe in "" seid, weil ich euch sonst lösche!

Yes, it may sound a bit unusual initially, but since it’s similar to Amber, it wouldn’t be very hard to assimilate.

Astur is a gorgeous and feminine name, meaning ‘to cover or to conceal’.

At every restraint you could find a group of teens smiling at the camera and clicking some awesome selfies to update on their profiles. Just go to any social networking website and you’ll find the profiles updated with Selfies and velfies.

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Amburo is a Somali surname, but can be used as a girl’s name also.

There are a lot of people registered so you can always find nice and friendly people in our chat rooms.

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Somalia is a long and narrow African country around the Horn of Africa.

The culture, as reflected in the names, is the amalgamation of tradition developed through interactions with neighboring countries and far away civilizations. The first is a given name, the second is the father’s name, and the third is the child’s paternal grandfather’s name.

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