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However, from user research, we know that users get annoyed and frustrated after just a couple of seconds of unresponsiveness.After 5 seconds, they will try to terminate a hung application.It may reveal file corruption or a disk error that's preventing normal shutdown.There's such a long list of things it could be - hard to nail it down. Be sure that you have them set the way you want them.Even though formatting advances like Journaling in Apple’s filesystem formats help prevent data corruption, problems can still happen that result in a drive not only being unreadable, but also unable to be reformatted.If this happens, the drive may show up in the Finder sidebar but not show data when clicked, or it may just not show up but be present in Disk Utility; however, if you try to mount it you get a “resource busy” error.Sun provides a couple of files that can help determine the type of trap encountered: ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) interrupts are reported as traps when a bit error is corrected.

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These errors and behaviors might indicate to you that your drive is malfunctioning and you need a new one; however, before you give up on a 0 drive, ensure the problem is not simply a very low-level formatting snag that causes the drive to hang when accessed.

Hangs - User Perspective Users like responsive applications.

When they click a menu, they want the application to react instantly, even if it is currently printing their work.

One option is to use another operating system like Windows in Boot Camp, in a Virtual Machine, or on a dedicated PC to manage the drive and attempt to repartition it; however, this may not be feasible in some situations.

Another option that should work in most cases is to use the Terminal to interact with special device files to force an overwrite of the device file representing the drive.

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