Dating doctors lawyers

So how do lawyers find other lawyers to go on dates with?From what I recall of Guardian Soulmates, the lefty romance medium which hosted my own sortie into the world of online dating a few years ago, it’s crawling with lawyers.I did, however, find lots of smooth-talking businessmen, including London-based ‘Dancing Lover 60’ who has “a big heart and small ego, a sense of humour and a scents of Armani.” There’s a suspicious lack of lawyers on, too.Most of the users seem to be either after someone with loads of cash, or are themselves in receipt of riches which they are crudely seeking to exploit in their quest for a partner who’s hotter than them.Usually nice people though and if I had to choose between a Doctor or a Lawyer, I would take a Doctor. Lawyers - many attitudes, usually arrogant, their work affects their lives. Very dangerous when you break up with one as they might levy some little known law against you.If you marry one and you get divorced, forget any chance of a fair legal settlement.Don't miss this chance to meet the rich doctor who are seeking some sexy females.Here are together doctor dating minded singles from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and more country.

From what I’ve heard, solicitors, barristers and of course legal executives who use – whose general counsel, Curt Anderson, was profiled today in the US magazine Corporate Counsel, incidentally – are similarly minded.I even lecture them sometimes on ethics and stuff - sometimes they need a shakeup.Lady lawyers, in my personal experience, a pumped full of 'power' and feminist ideas, think that the exercise of the 'law' is 'power' and not responsibility (little girls turned loose in the lolly shop again! For those who aren’t, I joined a few this morning, nipped out for a date over lunch, then raced back to headquarters to write a blog recounting my experiences. They’re a bit of a cheat, because after you sign up you’re sent through to where I couldn’t spot a single lawyer. Well, you’re probably already on one of the niche lawyer dating websites which keep appearing.

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