Dating conn saxophones

Known for their fast action and big sound, the Artist series of saxophones quickly found favor among big bang and jazz musicians alike.First introduced in 1935, the Artist series of saxophones remained in production until 1971, when Conn exited the professional saxophone market to focus on student and intermediate models.This was named the Director by Conn, although it is more commonly known as a Shooting Stars model.Officially it is a student model, lacking the rolled tone holes and micro tuner of their top-line models of the time.When first introduced, the Artist series saxophones often bared engraving of a nude woman inside of a pentagon, and this moniker soon became synonymous with Conn saxophones produced until 1960.

Suffering from a long-term buyer regret, I saw this in a pawn broker shop in San Jose in 2001.

Later models were more 'extensively engraved', which led to its other nickname..Naked Lady.

Rumour has it that the more of the lady you can see, the better the model...

3513xx Top Hat & Cane alto 355xxx end Aristocrat “Big B” production (1940-1955) 357xxx end Aristocrat Series II (1950-1955) 357xxx start Aristocrat Series III (1955-1963) 359xxx end ‘Top Hat and Cane’ 400 model (1941-1955) 359xxx start S5, S25 400 Model (1955-1963) -an anomoly, the Conn 21M with full lacquer – Basic Pro model – is a fabulous sounding horn, though has few followers.

I personally think that Conn imported this body from France, but no body markings or other information is known, thus highly doubtful.

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